1 verb
1 MOVE UP/DOWN (intransitive always + adv/prep, transitive) to move up, down, or across something, especially something tall or steep, using your feet and hands
(+ up/down/along etc): Some spectators climbed onto the roof to get a better view. | climb a wall/tree/mountain etc: The kids are always climbing trees.
2 WITH DIFFICULTY (intransitive always + adv/prep) to move into, out of, or through something slowly and awkwardly
(+ through/over/into etc): Ian managed to climb through a hole in the hedge. | climb into/out of clothes (=put on or remove clothing slowly)
3 SPORT (I, T) to climb mountains as a sport: Sir Edmund Hillary was the first man to climb Mount Everest.
-see also: climbing
4 PATH/SUN/PLANE (I) to move gradually to a higher position
(+ into/up etc): The path climbs high into the hills. | The plane slowly began to climb.
5 PLANT (I) to grow up a wall or other structure: Ivy climbed up the front of the building.
6 TEMPERATURE/PRICES ETC (I) to increase in number, amount, or level: The temperature was climbing steadily.
(+ to): The original estimate of $500 million has now climbed to a staggering $1300 million.
7 IN A LIST (I, T) to move higher in a list of teams, records etc as you become more popular or successful
(+ to): Madonna's new record has climbed to number 2 in the US charts.
8 IN YOUR LIFE/PROFESSION (I, T) to move to a better position in your social or professional life: Steve climbed rapidly in the firm. | climb the ladder (=become more successful)
9 be climbing the walls spoken to become extremely anxious, annoyed, or impatient: When Colin hadn't arrived home by midnight I was climbing the walls.
climb down phrasal verb (I) informal to admit that you were wrong, especially after being certain that you were right - climb-down noun (singular): a humiliating climb-down 2 noun (countable usually singular)
1 a process in which you go up towards a place and that usually involves a lot of effort: It's quite a climb to the fifth floor! | a tough climb to the top of the hill
2 an increase in value or amount: After a fairly steady climb, prices stabilized at around $1.65 a litre.
3 an improvement in your professional or social position
4 a process in which someone or something gets a higher position in a list because of being popular or successful: a climb up the charts/table/league etc: a sensational climb up the charts for Elton's new album
5 a steep rock or cliff you climb up: You'll need a rope for that climb.

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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